Wise Target Co.,Ltd. established in 2007 with a goal to elevate email marketing practice in Thailand and to become the number email marketing agency in Thailand under a motto,

“World Class System, Superior Service, Local Price”

Then in 2009 we started to branch out to include website design, web application development such as online registration application, online catalog application, hotel room booking application, e-commerce web application. We also include Facebook applications and games such as photo contest.

In 2012, we started offering yet another service, SMS marketing system service that is set to change conventional SMS applications. Our system is easy to use, safe, and comes with real-time reporting system that allows you to keep track of the cost effectively.

Our Mission

To elevate standard of email marketing service and online application solutions in Thailand.

Our Vision

To be the leader in offering email marketing service and provide small to medium online application solutions at highest quality.