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With highest deliverability rate, be assured that your messages, whether it is Email or SMS, will reach your target audience at the right time.

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Review campaign performance in real-time with the most detailed real-time report in Thailand with >wise email marketing report.

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Wise Target has been trusted by international and local brands in Thailand for more than 5 years.

What we offer

With Wise Target email marketing service, you will get a world-class system that is responsive, accurate, and transparent along with a team of specialists that will deploy your campaigns quickly and efficiently.

What our email marketing service offers

  • High delivery rate
  • Reduce email SPAM problem
  • Most stable and most detailed email campaigns reporting system in Thailand
  • A team of specialist ready to help you
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* Not included in DIY email marketing service

Wise Target offers SMS Marketing system that is easy-to-use, comes straightforward design, but yet delivers rich functionality. It also comes with a real-time reporting system that is transparent which allows you to effectively keep track of expenses.

SMS Features

  • System is specifically designed for high speed SMS sending
  • Specify sender ID
  • Send date-sensitive campaign such as happy birthday messages
  • Schedule campaign in advance
  • Unlimited message personalization
  • No set-up fee

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We design and develop website, e-newsletter, e-magazine and Facebook application that are secured and up to the standard with latest technology (HTML5, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, Flash). You can view our previous works at our sister site, Wise Studio.

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  • Email marketing service
  • SMS marketing service
  • Web design & programming service
  • Facebook application programming service

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